About Us

Surfers Collective is a creative platform for all the talented people from the surf industry

The magic sea is the heart of the platform. Everything is grounded on our deep passion and love towards the ocean and water sports.

The platform is inspired by saltwater, music, art and travel.


I AM HOME production – Behind the scenes

The short film ‘I AM HOME’ has been the first project by Surfers Collective. Three members came together to create something meaningful. Aljaz Babnik, a filmmaker and photographers born in Slovenia, Chanti Mai, an artist and yoga instructor with great writing skills and Marie Pfisterer, photographer and producer from Germany. This team has created a


Felix Misslim X YOWSURF

Felix is a photographer from France. He has been working for several lifestyle brands already and here is a glimpse behind the work he did for the surfskate brand YOW SURF.

surf exploration2


It is the search for waves, the search for freedom. It is the joy of exploring new territories, the joy of making new friends along the way. It is the adrenaline of surfing that is pushing through our veins, the excitement of a new adventure! In October 2018 Surfers Collective will organise the first SURF