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Bagus Bagus by Eva Abeling

‘It could be that I felt the waves crashing for hours. Or just seconds. When I am with the sea, time doesn’t seem to have meaning. Right next to the waves it seems to fade. Filled by other stronger sensations. The sea dances with me in a way the trees will never know. 
I saw them fly. The beautiful, mysterious, wild and free. Drops of salt shining in the sun. Imprinting on my rolls of film. 
Back on the boat I felt the breeze of the sea. My hair was wet. I wrapped the towel around me and closed my eyes. Trying to remember the calmness for later. The taste of waves crushing. 
There is always a little bit of sea inside of me.’

Eva Abeling is my name and I am an analogue photographer based in London, Barcelona and Bremen. My photography explores our dreams, nightmares and uniqueness. About how we feel and when we feel it all. About our vulnerability, about being authentic, real, natural. About the different versions of ourselves. Some more powerful and others more vulnerable, loving. I want to capture the most authentic souls and the most original moods, dreams and universes.

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