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Hi! My name is Claire Williamson and I am the cartoonist/illustrator behind Sea Legs.

Sea Legs is a surf cartoon about a fishtail surfboard named Fin, enjoying life with his mates. Expect lots of waves, pizza, and shenanigans.

“Just chillin’ with my fronds” – Fin

Fin and his friends were born the day I saw Thomas Campbell’s movie, ‘The Seedling’. In one scene, the camera follows the shadow of a surfer walking with his board under his arm and, to me, the shadow looked like a surfboard with legs walking by itself. My brain found that amusing and I immediately started drawing surfboards with legs. Fin became a fish pretty quickly as that is my favorite type of board.


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Sea Legs

Artist name: Claire Williamson

Occupation: Cartoonist, Illustrator





Based in: Vienna, Austria & Dunsborough, Australia

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