Nienke Duinmeijer

I like to surf heavy single fin boards and add my own style and twist to it to create a personal and unique way of surfing. I also like riding fishes, handplanes and my campervan. I admire people that put the environment over their personal desires and choices in life.

With my company ‘Single Fin. Surf Travel’ we organize exclusive trips with small amounts of people to beautiful natural areas with great longboarding waves. Our team is very passionate about longboarding and about sharing their vision and knowledge with others.


  • Rubén Fuente: Longboard coach
  • Dawn Patrol: Development surf application
  • Surf Project; ambassador and location manager
  • Projects for De Jongens uit Schoorl
  • Surf Nature Alliance: ambassador and representing The Netherlands
  • Studio Surf; Artist collaboration for surf apparel / merchandise Single Fin


  • Patagonia
  • Cece Longboards
  • Greenfix
  • Seventy One percent
  • Noordpier Surfshop

Other projects

  • Organization yearly event in the Netherlands; Wijkiki Logfest
  • Competitions in Longboarding (mainly classic)

Longboarder: Nienke Duinmeijer

Founder of: Single Fin. Surf Travel







Based in: Schoorl, The Netherlands

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