Michal Pelka

Michal Pelka is a driven photographer who tries to capture the essence of surfing in the Northsea through still images. The Northsea environment isn’t exactly known for its world-class waves or natural beauty, still therein lies the challenge. Through his images, Michal tries to portray the elements and motivation that are needed to surf the cold and windy waves of the Northsea and sometimes violent storms that the Northsea produces to create waves. The Northsea being his backyard, Michal often travels to find big waves abroad and doesn’t shy away from difficult and heavy swims in challenging conditions in countries like France, Portugal and Spain.

Michals images can often be seen in Six Surfing magazine and on various online platforms like Magicseaweed, Wavelength Surfmag, Surfbenelux, Oceanminded Arts.

Nat Geo NL 365 Calendar 2017 and 2018
Reizen magazine
Zoom Magazine
Six Surf Magazine
Wavelength Surfmag

Michal Pelka

Michal Pelka: Surf and ocean Photographer

Website: www.pelkaphoto.com

Email: pelkaphoto@hotmail.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/michalpelka

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pelkaphoto

Based in: Monster, The Netherlands

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