Emily Flannagan

Emily is an always froth’n, style stepping, paws always on the schnoz surfer. An old soul who is definitely eye-catching in the cold waters of Northern California. Her journey to San Francisco was propelled by her career as a Sommelier. However her fascination with California geography was not limited to vineyards, but also the amazing surf breaks up and down the California coast. When she’s not studying waves and wine you can find her fueling her creativity and craftsmanship as an apprentice at Playland Glassing Co. But if there are waves there’s a good chance you’ll spot this often memorizing sea kitten in the lineup.


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Almond Surfboards
Traveler Surf Club
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Paige Laverty Photography
Tim Terry Photography

Surf Hustle

City Surf Project
Beach Clean up
Mexi Log Fest
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Emily Flannagan

Instagram: www.instagram.com/emilyaflannagan/

Email: emilyaflannagan@gmail.com

Based in: San Francisco, California, USA

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