Elena Grib

Elena Grib is an artist based in Portugal. She has been searching for her purpose and realized that the ocean is all she needs. The ocean has become her endless source of creativity, inspiration and energy. Elena became a true water woman who enjoys a great connection to the wide sea.  She takes her inspiration from the water and brings it to a paper.  By using light and playful colors she is illustrating wonderful designs and prints that in different ways combine to the ocean and surfing, show the beauty of simple things in life, present harmony and calmness atmosphere, reveal your unique soul.
I try with my art to transfer feelings and emotions, to show how I see the things or how I wanna see them. And it’s so intimate time for me – well, you reveal to everybody what’s your thoughts, your soul, your sensibility.

Elena Grib

Artist Name: Elena Grib

Website: www.elenagrib.bigcartel.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/oh_ocean

Email: ohocean17@gmail.com

Based in: Portugal

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