Zimmie Akhmad

Zimmi Akhmad was born and raised in Java, Indonesia. His life was all about riding his BMX bike, every single second he could and has been competing in various freestyle contests throughout Indonesia. A couple of years ago he decided to move on to a new chapter and moved to Bali to represent his sponsors and to find new ones.

The years passed, but Zimmi still loves to ride as much as possible and competes in contests on a regular basis. In his free time Zimmi is always looking to ride in unconventional places and is chasing down all the secret corners of Bali with his bike. He also found his passion for surfing and tries to be in the water as much as he can.

Sponsors: Megatechbmx, Stance socks, 69slam, Otis Eyewear, Brixton

Zimmie Akhmad

BMX Rider: Zimmie Akhmad

Instagram: www.instagram.com/zimmibmx1

Based in: Bali

Latest video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Sao1XbS3qU

Email: zimmibmx1@gmail.com

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