Salty Souls

The Online Magazine »Salty Souls« reports about modern German surf gypsies, who travel all around the globe to find perfect waves but still live a casual work life back home far away from the ocean. Who are these surf gypsies? How do they combine every- day life with their need of the ocean? What makes surfing so special to them?

»Salty Souls« creates space for these traveling nomads to tell their stories.

The magazine offers travel stories, shows pictures and introduces new brands and especially stunning interviews.

»Salty Souls« is made for surfers, traveler and everyone who has a wanderlust-driven mind! We are absolutely passionate about people who love what they do, so we support their dreams and stories about the ocean.


Team: Katrin Behrens and Katharina Körfgen


Instagram: salty_souls_ahoi

Katrin Behrens:

Katharina Körfgen:


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