Marie Pfisterer

Marie-Therese Pfisterer is an ocean addict from Germany. While she grew up in a city far away from the ocean, she soon realized that it’s not Germany, she would call home, but the ocean. Since she discovered her passion for surfing, she keeps chasing waves all around the world. She has lived several months in Morocco and moved to Portugal now, where she can combine work, photography and surfing. Her study background in business psychology and brand management have shaped her past career

The road is the destination

Experiences/Past Works

• Freelancer (Photography, Social Media, Website Design, Production, Layout)
• Brand Marketing Assistant at Magic Quiver Surfshop & Lodge in Portugal
• Online Shop Manager at Saltwater Shop, Germany (until September 2017)
• Founder of Surfers Collective
• Founder of the Online Mag Salt in my hair


Photography, Writing, Social Media, Online Shop Management, Brand Management & Workshops


  • Immersion Mag
  • The Inertia
  • Prime Surfing
  • Golden Ride Magazine
  • Marketing Digest

Marie Pfisterer

Founder of: Surfers Collective

Founder of: Salt in my Hair (online mag)