coldwatermag is a bit of a surf blog and online magazine. A platform for the surfers of the windy Baltic Sea and the cold North Sea. This is where our home and heart is. We don’t mind cold water and stormy days. We love the nature of Denmark and North Germany and are always on the search for the best waves close to home. It’s a never ending longing for salty, blue and green waves, empty line ups and fun sessions with friends.

In the north the search is still alive. We live for those little moments, when wind and waves find their perfect setting and we can look out for our perfect spot to be.

On coldwatermag we tell our own little stories about trips to our favorite North Sea and Baltic Sea but also write about far away places and anything that might be interesting for the growing surf community in the North of Germany.

Coldwater Mag

Coldwater Surfers: Isa & Clemens





Based in: Flensburg, Germany

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