Lasse Schneppenheim

Living in North Germany my passion for Kitesurfing led me to capture sessions and the life around them with my camera and develop my skills as a photographer and videographer. This fueled my craving for more. Surfing, skating, driving around Denmark in my van followed naturally. It was not until a unique trip to Greenland that I started to include iced landscapes and rough mountain sites in my photography as well. This spread between my passions for the sea and the mountains is very present in my portfolio as well but I think this is just a logical consequence because love for the ocean always has to come with an appreciation for nature in general.
My work mostly features sports, lifestyle, outdoors, travel and portrait often setting people in close context with their environment using wide angled lenses for vivid and authentic shots. My ambition is to capture moments from within a group rather than from the outside.

Lasse Schneppenheim

Lasse Schneppenheim: Photography / Videography






Based in: Kiel Area / Germany

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