Sea Lottie's Film

* I Grew up in Newcastle, lived in the tropical Whitsundays for a few years before moving to Byron Bay 6 years ago.

* Sea Lottie’s Film project stemmed from my love of the ocean & Byron Bays surf culture for Women. Byron Bay is full of inspiring women who have their own fashion labels, eco surf wax and zinc!

* Most days there is equal if not more women longboarders/surfers at the points than men. Not to be sexiest but I love women’s style & grace when they are dancing on a wave.

* From beginners who have no idea about surf etiquette to the pros, there’s no better feeling than being in a group of lady sliders who are having the time of their life’s & to capture it on film.

* I started shooting on the NikonosV last year & love the element of surprise when I get each roll back from Bayou Film. You only have one shot to get it right & sometimes the imperfections can be beautiful too.

* I want to showcase & celebrate women who have a love for the ocean & sharing it as much as I do.

Keep sliding ladies

Sea Lottie's Film

NameCharlotte Julia Stone




Based in: Byron Bay, Australia

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